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Annual Report 2016

Our Purpose is to Teach proven life enhancing concepts, the power of thinking, and understanding life choices for those seeking a better life. Those in need include homeless in transition, at risk youth, and those struggling with life challenges. In other words, we want our education program to reach those individuals where the needs are the greatest.


In 2016, our program continued to grow and enlarge our footprint in the community serving agencies where the needs are greatest. The program was taught to 479 students with 285 graduates compared to 232 and 154 in 2015 respecctively. This is an increase of 107% in attendance and 85% in graduates.

The program is now in 6 agencies whcih include the Rescue Mission, Path, East Mesa Re-entry facility, Las Colinas, Westcare, and National Crossroads. For 2017 our focus is to expand our reach out to help (1) Veterans stuggling with life challenges and (2) to youth at risk which will include the girls and boys in Juvenile Hall and in our schools.

We are pleased that the teaching accomplishments could be achieved by our small staff of 3 dedicated volunteer certified instructors. We will be adding more teachers to accomodate our plans for 2017.

Our Board of Directors was expanded to 7 members and is making a significant contribution to the direction and growth of our organization. We also have 2 new advisors to the board that are providing valuable advice and guidance. 

We were pleased to have 2 Foundations interested in our program and have provided financial support. Our financial position can be viewed in our 990 annual report.

Services Provided:

The program is based on a unique quote based lesson plan which is taught in a series of 8 one hour classes. The quotes are from past presidents, successful leaders, philosophers, and athletes that share their most serious lessons learned about life. The time period for the program is twice a week for one month or can be taught once a week over two months.

The lesson plan curriculum covers eight important topics which are (1) Self Discovery-Who Am I?, (2) Is Failure a Blessing in Disguise?, (3) Formula For Success, (4) The Purpose of Adversity, (5) Perseverance-The Master Key, (5) Your LIfe's Next Chapter, (7) The Significant LIfe, (8) The Recipe for Greatness. We motivate, stimulate, and educate of our students in a lesson plan the utilizes the Cognitive Behavior Theory approach. This approach gets to 90% of most human problems which is distorted thinking. We focus on changing the pattern of thinking. The number one skill in LIfe Skills is THINKING.

Persons Benefited:

We believe every human being has tremendous value and we are committed to helping as many as we can become the best version of themselves. The following persons benefited in the agencies we serve.

Rescue Mission-Interim residence (attendance of 132 with 83 graduates)

Path-Connections Housing-Transitional Housing (attendance of 71 with 29 graduates)

East Mesa re-entry facility -Male inmates scheduled for early release (attendance of 160 with 146 graduates)

WestsCare-Incarcerated women soon to be released (attendance of 63 with 13 graduates)

Las Colinas Detention Facility for women-Inmates in incentive based housing preparing for release (attendance of 33 with 13 graduates)

National Crossroads-Safe House for released inmates-Women (attendance of 20 with 1 graduate)

Our services are based on Cognitive Behavior Theory and the outcomes are supported by written class evaluations, class participation, student testimonials, feedback from caseworkers, and enthusiastic support from the agencies we serve. We are also told our services add significant value to the agencies and enhance their programs that lead to, for example, the desire for more eduacation, a new career, job seeking opportunities, and path to a successful and meaningful life.

We will continue to seek additional tools for measuring outcomes.




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