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                                                            Annual Report 2022 

Today, people are feeling more mental stress than ever in our community. They are affected by the search for truth in media, the expressed hate, anger, and violence on the streets, the effects of Covid isolation, etc. They are often depressed and seek to escape in drugs and alcohol to survive. Our mission has not changed. We want to help those struggling with these challenges. Our valuable life skills on-line course changes people's lives and is available free for 30 days for everyone visiting our website.


Our strategic focus is directed to help agencies that serve the homeless, the homeless in transition, parolees, drug & alcohol recovery, transitional youth, and low -income families seeking better job opportunities. We can help them by providing a proven life skill program they can use that is motivational, educational, and designed to help individuals redirect their thinking towards positive solutions which helps program participants establish a pathway to a better life. It helps them to make better choices. It is accessible on-line on laptops or cell phones and is being offered free to new clients.


                                                2022 Accomplishments 


Collaboration Efforts Developed Three New Community Partnerships 

We continue seeking collaboration and partnership with those agencies that that share our mission and have a sincere desire to effect real positive change in the lives of those they serve.

Our partner agencies currently include the Rescue mission, Sand Diego Housing Commission(SDHC), New Day Ministries (new), Project West (new), Ladle Fellowship(new), and Life As It Should Be (a mentoring group). We will continue our efforts to collaborate with other agencies in our community.


Program Development Introduced a New Faith-based Life Skills Development Course

Our new Faith Development course was introduced at Ladle ministry in August for the Wednesday night bible study class. This course has 8 lessons with 2 -15 minute videos in each lesson and includes scripture. It is being presented in a group environment led by John Savage. There approximately 60 homeless being served food with about 20 attending the Faith video lessons.  The dining room audio visual equipment was upgraded to ensure adequate televisions were available to ensure visibility. There are written handout materials which ensure the courses are interactive. Thus far, the program has been successful as is demonstrated by class engagement and several participants showing an interest in learning more and seeking help by scheduling appointments with John Savage.


Measuring Program Success-Feedback Survey/Outcome Tool

We know it is important to prove program success. We recently implemented a survey to measure outcomes from graduates who completed the 8 course program. The survey of 10 questions was introduced at a new client Project West (an Alcohol & Recovery agency) The results from 12 graduates indicated:


            Improved Ability to make good choices 75%          Improved Self Esteem 58%

            Improved Ability to Handle setbacks better 67%    Improved Confidence in solving problems 75%


We were very pleased with these initial outcome results. We recognize this sample size is small and we intend to continue to evaluate and tweak our outcomes for all graduates and get more results to ensure we are. continuously working to improve the quality of services we offer.


Enhanced our life skills programs. 

We now provide real time on -line results directly to case managers to follow student progress on each lesson during the course which helps case managers to track progress and save time. Agencies will not have to add staff to add this new course to existing programs


                                    2023 Goals and Opportunities


            Collaborate With Multiple Faith Based organizations in Our Community

We have seen the benefit of offering customization to add content to meet individual agency needs. This customization led to the Development of the Faith Development Program for Ladle fellowship. This new Faith program will be available and will be offered to churches and many Faith based organizations in our community.


            Encourage Client Connections 

We have observed that our new clients are working together in new ways to help each other meet their agency needs. For example, Project West will connect with New Day Ministries for birth Certificates and ID's. Ladle Fellowship will work with New Day to support its homeless clients needs during the week.


            Seek Collaboration With Agencies Serving Shared Service Populations 

Success with clients creates opportunities with related organizations. For example, with our success at Project West there are other sober living organizations that may now have an interest in our Life Skills program. We will continue to seek all collaboration opportunities offering the option to have customized content. This allows for the community to maximize the impact of all service providers in a cost-efficient manner.


            Develop a Coaching/Mentoring Resource program for Graduates

We know a personal coach, tutor, or mentor can be a very invaluable asset and needed source of help to those that have experienced a new mindset and the sincere desire for a better life. This help could come from within client organizations, collaboration of clients or could come from referral sources identified by our program. We know it will be challenging to find and have qualified people to meet this need. It is still our desire for everyone to become self- sufficient, find their purpose for living, and become the best version of themselves. We hope to initiate a pilot coaching program to provide these resources in 2023. 


            Create an Alumni of RLS Graduates

These Alumni graduates could potentially qualify to become staff ambassadors, facilitators, volunteers and participants helping new clients, and serve as coaches and mentors.

We are very grateful for the financial support of Westminster Manor, Katherine Estes Rogers Foundation and Boccaccios's Restaurant for their support.

Our goal now is to raise $70,000 to continue collaborating with new clients, supporting people in need, and have the needed operational staff support. 


We continue to seeks God's direction and pray for divine guidance for this ministry its programs and financial resources. 








                                                            Financial Highlights 2022


                                    Total income                                       $   45,895

                                    Functional Breakdown of Expenses:

                                                Program expenses                      54,122   70.8%

                                                Fundraising                                     5,531    7.2%

                                                Administrative                              16,814  22.0%

                                                     sub total expenses               $76,467

                                                Net Excess for the year            $-30,572                              

                                                Net Assets Beginning of Year$ 107,286

                                                Net Assets End of the Year     $. 76,714





                                                              Board Roster & Officers



                        Richard Karlson        President

                                                            Co- Founder 



                        Susan Zlaket             Secretary

                                                            Previous Board Director-Kiwanis Club of San Diego


                        Robinson                   Treasurer

                        Devadhason             CPA,MBA



                        James Robins           Board member

                                                            Executive Director

                                                            Co-Founder and Educator

                                                            Senior Facilitator


                        Bruce Menser          Board member

                                                            Board member-San Diego Downtown Fellowship


                        Raul Palomino         Board member

                                                            Executive Director -New Day Urban Ministries


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