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Annual Report  2020

The Real Life Skills self- improvement program continues to grow with revenues reaching $103,225 a 16% increase over the prior year and a 65% increase in operating income.


 The target audience for our program has always been the most vulnerable in our community. This includes those living in homeless transition centers, low- income families who are struggling, parolees coming out of prison, single parents seeking jobs, and at-risk youth. Classes have always been taught at agency sites. 


THIS YEAR EVERYTHING CHANGED WITH THE OUTBREAK OF THE PANDEMIC. In March 2020 all classes stopped. Fortunately, on April 21 we were able to resume classes by teaching with a online ZOOM program. With stay-at home restrictions we were able to teach clients in their homes using their laptops and cell phones. We are very appreciative that our customers such as the San Diego Housing Commission and the California Department of Corrections Stop Program were supportive of these changes.


We recognized that it was likely we may not return to a normal work environment for some time. With this in mind we decided to expand of offering to make our course available on line. We realized that there was now an opportunity for many facing life challenges to learn our course on their cell phones. They all had cell phones. We found the necessary software, videotaped the course in small segments, and setup an academy website for the new program. Everything was completed by the end of December and the on-line course was operational. We were excited to begin the new year with 2 offerings; The Zoom classes and the Online course.


We were grateful to the San Diego Breakfast Rotary Club and the Catherine Estes Rogers Foundation for their continuing support. We also appreciated receiving $10,000 from a very generous donor.


A special thanks to our teaching staff and board members for their time, valuable insights, and contribution to the company.


Today we know there are many people that can benefit from our program. We learned this from 1,000 students taught in classrooms over a period of two years period prior to Covid. The challenge and opportunity now is how to reach them in this changing environment.


Richard Karlson









                                                            Financial Highlights 2020


                                    Total income                                       $ 103,225

                                    Functional Breakdown of Expenses:

                                                Program expenses                      57,006  75.9%

                                                Fundraising                                      713.   1.0%

                                                Administrative                             17,374  23.1%

                                                Net Change for the year           $ 28,132

                                                Net Assets-Beg of Year            $ 56,342

                                                Net Assets -End of Year           $ 84.474



                                BOARD ROSTER & OFFICERS



                        Richard Karlson        President

                                                            Co- Founder 



                        Susan Zlaket             Secretary

                                                            Previous Board Director-Kiwanis Club of San Diego


                        Robinson                   Treasurer

                        Devadhason             CPA,MBA



                        James Robins           Board member

                                                            Executive Director

                                                            Co-Founder and Educator

                                                            Senior Facilitator


                        Bruce Menser          Board member

                                                            Board member-San Diego Downtown Fellowship


                        John Pressler           Board member

                                                            Former CEO Paradise Valley Federal Credit Union


                        Raul Palomino         Board member

                                                            Executive Director -New Day Urban Ministries


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