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San Diego Rescue Mission

Herb Johnson,
President and Chief Executive Officer

To whom it may concern:

Real Life Skills course has been taught as part of the program at the Rescue Mission for many years.Since James Robins volunteered to teach this subject it has become a vital program and is now a required course to complete and graduate from the Mission. James has shown the rare ability to teach and inspire the students to re-think about the choices they have made in their lives and the opportunities for new goals and to obain a better life. James has brought a caring and spiritual demeanor to this course which has made it a significant part of our client's journey.He is a blessing to our client population and an asset to the San Diego Missions's Rehabilitation process.

Today we consider the Real Life Skill program a very important and essential part of our curriculum and recovery program with very good results as demonstrated by positive behavior changes.

Angel L. Valerio, 
Education Director SDRM

To whom it may concern:

I am happy to recommend Mr. James Robins for participation in presentation of a powerful curriculum that can make a difference in men’s lives there just as it does here in our 1 –year program. James has been an effective and reliable participant in our educational program here at the San Diego Rescue Mission now for 3 ½ years..

I have worked with hundreds of men who have come into our program right out of prison, as well as hundreds who were court-ordered here. (I also case manage). As Education Director of the San Diego Rescue Mission for over 12 years now I have an overview of success rates and what works.

In the time Mr. Robins has been conducting the Real Life Skills Class here at SDRM, he has helped over 504 men to successfully complete the class. James is also active in conducting the same class at another location (CH) which has partnership ties with SDRM and so he has helped numerous men there as well.

Real Life Skills is a mandatory course for all program members, and they must complete it in order to graduate from our 1-year program. The curriculum, combining gleanings from multiple sources, deals with core issues that have hindered men from attaining success in their lives, from making good choices, and from finding purpose in their lives while dealing with the challenges and obstacles that life often presents.

Program members who take the Life Skills class make up 83% of those who make it through the year to graduate successfully.

The class fills up immediately when I do open enrollment, and I have a few clients who have requested taking the class again each time a session concludes because they have found it dynamically impacting to their lives. I hear comments like: “That instructor really knows his stuff, he’s awesome.” “Where did you find this teacher? He’s great!” “I wish I’d had this class before in other programs, this class helped me see things differently.” “Angel, thanks for putting me in that Life Skills class, it’s a great class.” “Angel, you should offer this class every month or make it longer, that guy knows his stuff and he keeps it interesting.”

Mr. James Robins uses the principles of education well while presenting Real Life Skills as he has taught most of his life..


Please feel free to contact me for further information at the number below.


Angel L Valerio, (619)819-1822

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